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Our expert team of clinical and non-clinical movement professionals are ready to help you move out of pain, get stronger, and find more optimal living through physical therapy, massage, personal training, mobility and conditioning small group classes.

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Move Away from Pain

Our fully tailored methodology, led by our founder Adam Wolf, PT, focuses on addressing the root of your concerns, with emphasis placed on building or restoring overall functional strength, healing pain associated with surgery or past injury, and helping you better manage chronic pain associated with neurologic or orthopedic issues.

Because our approach is so uniquely focused on you as an individual, we are able to treat a wide variety of conditions, offering creative solutions that deliver real results.

Curious about A Physical Therapy Session?

Get started today: move away from pain and back to the activities you enjoy the most. Whether you would like more information or are ready to make your first appointment, you're in the right place.


Massage Therapy is an integral part of your complete wellness and recovery program, and our massage therapists are committed to delivering the highest standard of care. Make the most of your wellness journey here using a combination of traditional techniques, sports and performance massage, and craniosacral therapy. 

Every MG Massage is tailored to the individual's needs for their unique care and recovery plan.

Curious about TMG Massage?

Whether you would just like more information or are ready to make your first appointment, you're in the right place.

Get your first 70 Minute session with one of our seasoned massage therapists at member rate. Begin or end your session in our infrared sauna to deepen relaxation and recovery.

1st session at $98 Member Rate ($119 Non-Members)


At our space, we share the same movement philosophy, which ensures a seamless transition from therapy to fitness and sport performance training. This allows us to create customized programs that expedite results and reduce the risk for future injury.

You can work with our Personal Trainers or Yoga Therapists to achieve your performance, pain-relief, and mobility goals.


Curious about our Private Personal Training Sessions?

Whether you would like more information or are ready to make your first appointment, you're in the right place.

 Get your first 60 Minute session with one of our experienced coaches at member rate. You'll end your session with comprehensive recommendations for recovery, injury prevention, and optimal performance.

1st session at $98 Member Rate ($119 Non-Members)

Discover Fluidity and Calm for your Mind & Body

Classes at our space balance strength and mobility drawing inspiration from Yoga therapeutics, functional range conditioning, and group fitness. These are a great addition to your personal training and massage regimen to stay nimble, strong, and inspired - mind & body.

First Small Group Class

Are you a new to the Movement Guild Get your first 60 Minute Yoga or Kinstretch class or fitness class for $19 (reg. $29).

Want more small group Yoga, mobility, and fitness classes led by Jessica Carlin and her team of instructors? Our MG Members get 20% off of classes as part of membership!

We've Got Your Back

Comprehensive pain-relief and optimized performance requires an integrated team. At The Movement Guild we've come together with a staff of clinical and non-clinical movement professionals who are best in class and work together to established the very best and most personalized programs available for our clients. 

Meet Our Team

What Our Members Have to Say 


Corinne O.

"There is a special element to having a one stop shop for your body's well being. Moving from dry needling, to physical therapy, to deep tissue massage to an infrared sauna all in the same place is not only incredibly convenient, but the confidence it gives you that you are being best taken care of in all elements by very educated, experienced professionals."

Marissa M.

"I love the Movement Guild! I have used many of their services - PT, yoga classes, massage, and private movement class. All have been excellent because what the Movement Guild does beautifully is catch those of us who fall through the cracks of your corporate PT spots. I have learned about pain, how to retrain my movements, and how to do new movements to strengthen what is underused or inactive."

Jim G.

"I see huge value in my MG Membership as my one-stop shop for personal training, yoga, massage therapy and physical therapy.  At big clubs you don’t receive the personal approach to address your specific needs.  Brian and Jessica have both been great at improving my overall core strength, mobility, endurance and flexibility."


Lydia R.

This is the most human-centered business I’ve ever engaged with for physical and massage therapy.


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Balance your body with the best. You'll feel the difference.

Routine training and therapeutic massage with our expert team keeps the mind & body optimized. 

We make it easy to sustain your self-care and physical fitness with a collaborative, comprehensive approach. Become a member and enjoy personalized training and recovery services at lower rates, so you can experience the perks of having a pain-relief, performance, and recovery team on your side. 

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