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Yoga Teacher

For me, yoga has always been a means to build calm and attention. Over the last 20 years, the evolution of my personal practice and teaching style has led me to honor the meditative and spiritual core of the yoga tradition while exploring modern techniques that focus on mobility while preserving tranquility.  

I use familiar yoga poses as a way to investigate where soft tissue restrictions lie. This often involves tweaking poses and changing the alignment slightly, asking someone to pulse, reach, or add small joint circles, all in an effort to create more freedom to move and more curiosity about their own body.

This also means that I work asymmetrically with clients to balance left right discrepancies in strength and body awareness. My goal is to preserve the magic of the yoga asana practice while making space for curiosity, customization, and modernization without the distractions that  make us less aware of ourselves and our interactions with others.


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Licensed Massage Therapist

Soft tissue work is an integral part of wellness. It can help manage stress, reduce pain, improve sleep, and is a great compliment to strength and conditioning work.


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What is Kinstretch?

In short, kinstretch is a mobility system geared towards increasing usable range of motion at all joints. This trademarked format is born from the concepts of Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) and includes end range joint rotations and passive stretches combined with vigorous isometric work.

I became FRC certified in 2015 and kinstretch certified in 2016. 

I combine my sequencing experience (from 16 years of teaching yoga) and my massage therapist skillset to curate intelligent and playful classes that can be adapteded to any experience level. 

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Kevin S

Working with Jessica in the past 5 months has literally changed my life. I've had a lot of issues (pain, movement limitations) from injuries over the years and since seeing her I've gotten back to regular exercise. She is careful, thoughtful, and creative in her approach to rehabilitation, body work, and yoga. She systematically tries to broaden what's possible in terms of getting your body to move and strengthen, while never pushing you to do exercises that are too far outside what your body can handle safely/comfortably.

Alyce H

Jessica Carlin is passionate about healthy and safe movement for all bodies! I’ve been taking her kinstretch classes for a few months. It helps me access awareness in joint mobility and muscle groups that I’m not normally present to. It feels good in my body and brain! The entire facility is great whether you’re looking for yoga, PT, kinstretch and more! Jessica and her partner Adam are building an inviting community! Check it out!!! ❤️☮️💪🏻

Stephanie B

I took a private lesson with Jessica and it was incredible. In our short hour together, she helped me hone in on the correct engagement of my body during my yoga practice and beyond. Jessica is kind and a doer. Her knowledge and awareness helped me alleviate the discomfort of a wrist injury as well as elevate my yoga practice for my body structure.