Yoga for low back pain 

All sessions are led by a massage therapist and yoga instructor.

Expect to:

-work on increasing hip and thoracic motion
-build central and pelvic stability
train optimal breathing (diaphragm conditioning)
-remap your brain's awareness of key stabilizing musculature
-relax your nervous system

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Read what one member has to say:


"When in pain, my initial instinct is to target the pain spot and stretch, roll, or dig in with a lacrosse ball. But through Jessica’s Yoga for Low Back Pain Classes, I’ve learned it’s not always the body part that is screaming at you that needs attention. Jessica leads the class through gentle and thoughtful movement that helps strengthen and activate the low back’s “supporting cast” — the glutes, hips, core, and mid/upper back — to reduce low back pain. Jessica offers plenty of modifications and gives verbal cues that actually make sense! I leave class feeling calmer, stronger, more connected with my body, and less pain than when I entered. Could not recommend these classes more!"

Katie B