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REAL Strategies for Hip Impingement

$20.00 USD
Why & What About Thoracic Assessment & Treatment

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What is REAL Movement?

REAL Movement Foundations

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About Adam...

I've been a clinician for over 15 years & movement geek for well over 20.

I have a passion for movement, learning, teaching & helping people get better. 

These courses are developed exactly for help you better yourself professionally in order for you to help others. 

Choose from 'quick hitters' or the longer format Integrated Biomechanics course for a deeper dive into movement, & be sure to sign up for updates on new courses as they regularly drop. 

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Kelsey B

I started working with Adam to address some knee issues I was having. I am prepping for a big backpacking trip and started having a lot of pain and swelling in my left knee to the point where I couldn't walk on it properly. I started working with Adam and saw immediate results. I work with him in the office and continue my exercises at home. I can tell that each exercise is specifically targeting my problem area and making me stronger. This therapy is not only helping me recover from my injury, but is also great training for my future hike. I'm learning how to train properly and I know this will help me complete this hike stronger and pain free! I would recommend The Movement Guild to anyone wanting to improve an injury or train better. The staff is super supportive and knowledgeable!


Owner Adam Wolf is as knowledgeable as he is nice. I taught a PT seminar here and would recommend it to any of my patients or anyone who is in the Chicago area. If you need physical therapy, rehab for any injury, massage, wellness, strength and conditioning and fitness they have you covered!

Adrian B

Adam Wolf is the man! I was introduced to him by chance, when he came to UIC to give a lecture on human movement. I followed up with him about some chronic knee issues that I needed help with while training for my second ironman triathlon. Not only is he great with movement assessments and getting to the root cause of the issue, his skills with manual therapy and therapeutic taping are on point as well. He also helped me manage and resolve my pain by teaching me practical at-home exercises I could do on my own. Finally, he takes the time to explain what he's doing in a way you can understand. My knowledge of the body and its movement has greatly improved after asking him many questions. Thanks Adam